Current Students

We offer a quality, well-rounded curriculum at Kingsway, leading to the Ontario Secondary School diploma (OSSD). This diploma is required for any student entering a university in the province of Ontario. 

Currently 98% of our graduates pursue higher education or some additional training beyond high school and our alumni have circle the globe in their careers for private industry, government employment, or in service to the SDA world church. Many others live in the local community and own their own businesses.

Seventh-day Adventists believe strongly in education, and operate about 7,000 parochial schools around the world, from the elementary to university level. Every so often we measure ourselves to make sure we are delivering the quality education parents and students deserve. We are currently participating in a three-year study (2006-09), called CognitiveGenesis, to determine the achievement levels of students in Adventist schools compared to national norms in the U.S. and Canada. According to a report issued in December 2008, students in Adventist schools are testing above their grade level and their potential on standardized tests!

So while we offer a program to educate the whole person, as described on this site, we are successful at reaching our objectives without sacrificing academic quality. Detailed information on our academic offerings is available in the academic section of this site.


Course Selection


Kingsway College offers approximately 70 different courses from Grades 9 to 12.  All courses are offered in accordance with Ontario policy documents as outlined by the Ontario Schools (OS) document.  The secondary school curriculum is organized into several types of courses intended to enable students to choose courses that are suited to their strengths, interests, and goals.

In Grades 9 & 10, Kingsway offers three types of courses:

  1. Academic - A focus on the essential concepts of the discipline plus additional related concepts.  Academic courses develop students' knowledge and skills by emphasizing theoretical, abstract applications of the essential concepts while incorporating practial applications, as appropriate.
  2. Applied - A focus on the essential concepts of the discipline.  Applied courses develop students' knowledge and skills by emphasizing practical, concrete applications of the essential concepts while incorporating theoretical applications, as appropriate.
  3. Open - An open course has one set of expectations for that subject and is appropriate for all students.

In Grades 11 & 12, Kingsway offers four types of courses:

  1. University - These courses are designed to prepare students for entrance to university programs following high school.
  2. University/College - These courses are designed to prepare students for both college and university programs after high school.
  3. College - These courses are designed to include the knowledge and skills to prepare students for entrance to most college programs following high school.
  4. Open - An open course has one set of expectations for that subject and is appropriate for all students.

Please click on the link below for a list of courses offered, their descriptions, and the prerequisites needed to take the course:

Course Descriptions (PDF)


Throughout high school, students will work with their parents and the Registrar (Gr. 9 & 10)/Principal (Gr. 11 & 12) to make course selections.  When choosing courses, students should consider their abilities, interests, and future plans, as well as Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) requirements.  Many colleges and universities require specific courses for particular programs that may not be part of the compulsory courses for a secondary school diploma.  Students should consult college/university calendars or see the Principal for further information.  Please see the following documents below to help with course selection:

Course Schedule 2017/2018 (PDF)


Graduation REquirements

In order to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), a student must earn a minimum of 30 credits, including 18 compulsory credits and 12 optional credits. Students must also complete 40 hours of community involvement activities and must successfully complete the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT).

 18 compulsory credits:

  • 4 credits      English (1 credit must be a Gr. 12 compulsory English)
  • 3 credits      Mathematics (at least one Gr. 11 or 12 math credit)
  • 2 credits      Science
  • 1 credit        Canadian History
  • 1 credit        Canadian Geography
  • 1 credit        Arts
  • 1 credit        Health and Physical Education
  • 1 credit        French as a Second Language
  • ½ credit       Career Studies
  • ½ credit       Civics
  • 1 credit        additional English, additional French, Native language, classical or international language, social science and the humanities, Canadian and world studies, guidance and career education, or cooperative education*
  • 1 credit        additional health and physical education, arts, business studies, or cooperative education*
  • 1 credit        additional science, technological education, or cooperative education*
  • 12 optional credits   selected according to individual interests and goals

30 credits total

* A maximum of 2 credits in cooperative education can count as compulsory credits

Optional credits may be earned by taking additional courses according to individual interests and goals. 

Please note that a religion course is required each year, and counts as optional credit toward the OSSD.


University and College Planning

University and College Planning

Senior Class Preparation Plan (PDF)

Seventh-day Adventist Universities & Colleges

Burman University

Adventist Colleges - This website lists all of the Seventh-day Adventist Universities & Colleges in North America. You can search various degrees and find out which university/college offers that degree. There are also links to each university/college website.

Kingsway College hosts a College fair in November where students and parents can meet with representatives from most of the Seventh-day Adventist Universities and Colleges. Students who apply to a university or college during this fair usually have the application fees waived. 

Ontario Colleges

Ontario Colleges - This website allows you to search for programs offered in Ontario Colleges.  It will tell you the prerequisites and grade requirements for each program.

Tutorials - This website provides a variety of tutorials including: how to find a program, and how to apply to Ontario colleges.

Ontario College Information Fair - Grade 12 students and their families are invited to attend this free event where they can meet with representatives from all Ontario colleges. Held at the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition Place in mid-October.

 Student Loans

OSAP - This website provides information about the Ontario student assistance program. It explains how OSAP works and discusses what types of financial aid is available.  It provides an aid estimator, a repayment calculator, and allows you to apply for loans online.

Ontario University Scholarships - This website provides a list of scholarships available at Ontario universities.


Ontario University Scholarships - This website provides a list of scholarships available at Ontario universities.

Student Awards - This website provides information on thousands of scholarships, grants and cash awards.

Scholarships Canada - This website is an extensive database of scholarship, bursaries and grants.

Academic Invest - This website provides information of scholarships, grants, bursary funding and employment opportunities.

The Records office at Kingsway College has a book that lists the majority of scholarships available in Canada. Seventh-day Adventist universities and colleges also provide their own scholarships. Please contact the university or college for more details.

Ontario Universities

Electronic Info - This website allows you to search for programs offered in Ontario Universities. It will tell you the prerequisites and grade requirements for each program. There is an important information tab that discusses campus visits, offers of admissions, language requirements, professional programs, residence information, how the university will treat failed and repeated courses, and contact information for each university.

Ontario Universities’ Application Centre - This website is where you will apply to any university in Ontario. There is a wealth of information regarding how to apply, important dates, fees, etc.

Tutorials - This website provides a variety of tutorials including: how to use the electronic info website, how to apply to Ontario universities, how to review and change your completed application, and how to respond to offers of admission.

Ontario Universities’ Fair - Grade 12 students and their families are invited to attend this free event where they can meet with representatives from all Ontario universities. Held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in late September.

University Information Program - Ontario’s universities travel across Ontario together during the fall, providing a “one stop shop” for you to hear about what the different universities offer.

Apprenticeship Programs

Employment Ontario - This website provides information regarding becoming an apprentice in Ontario in the skilled trades.

Apprenticeship Programs in Ontario - This website provides a list of apprenticeship programs and courses in Ontario.

Apprenticeship Information - This website from Employment Ontario connects employers and apprentices across Ontario

Universities/Colleges in the United States

The Common Application - A general application used by many universities and colleges in the United States. If the university or college of your choice does not use the common application, you must apply directly to that university or college.

ACT - The ACT is a national college admissions examination that consists of tests in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. There is also an optional Writing section (check with the universities/colleges you are considering to determine if they require the writing section). The ACT is accepted by all universities/colleges in the United States. This website allows students to register for the ACT. It also provides an online test preparation for the ACT. Kingsway College is a national test centre for the ACT so students can plan to write the exam at Kingsway College.

SAT - The SAT is another national college admissions examination. This website allows students to register for the SAT. Practice questions are provided to help prepare for the SAT.

Brightstorm Test Prep - This website provides a comprehensive test preparation for both the ACT and the SAT.


Tablet Program FAQ

What is included in Kingsway College’s One-to-One Student Tablet Program?

  • Access to a more dynamic curricular experience
  • Use of a state of the art tablet computer (see configuration below)
  • Spare tablets for quick exchange
  • Windows 8.1 operating system
  • Microsoft Office 2013 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, and Outlook)
  • SMARTSync classroom management and collaboration software
  • Onsite repairs
  • 3 year Dell accidental damage insurance (see details below)
  • Onsite technical support
  • Wireless network access in every classroom, the dorm, cafeteria, chapel, administration building, KFC, and grounds
  • Internet content filtering
  • Extensive faculty training on the use of the tablet and software
  • Student training on the use of the tablet and software

What is the cost of the entire program?

  • The cost of the entire program is included in the One Fee.

Who owns the Tablet?

  • The school owns the tablets. They will be turned in at the end of each school year.

What is the Tablet’s configuration?

  • Dell Venue 11 Pro
  • 10.8 inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution with 10-pt touch
  • Intel Atom Processor Z3770 (2MB Cache, 2.4GHz, Quad-Core)
  • 64GB SSD Hard Drive
  • 2GB of LPDDR3 RAM
  • Wireless Card Dual-Band 2x2 802. 11a/b/g/n WiFi + Bluetooth(R) 4.0
  • Detachable keyboard
  • Stylus pen
  • Dell 3 year damage protection warranty; Covers accidental drops, spills, etc. that affects the performance/functionality of the machine.
  • CompuTrace Complete 3 year theft protection

Why aren’t students allowed to bring their own laptops/tablets?

  • In order for this program to succeed, it requires specific hardware and software configurations on the students’ computers. It would be impractical for the school to manage the variety of computers that the students might bring to the school, and attempt to keep them up to date, and protected. In addition, the teacher would have a very difficult time instructing the student without uniform tools. The success of the program depends on hardware/software simplification and unification in order for teachers and students to focus on their curricular objectives, instead of dealing with technical issues due to incompatibilities and variations.
  • Kingsway College’s IT Department cannot support and repair a tablet that the school does not own; we cannot install school owned software on a personal computer; and we cannot ensure that a personal laptop or tablet would have the features needed in each classroom.

Can I buy the Tablet on my own? I found a better price somewhere else.

  • The price that the school is charging is for participation in the program, not just the tablet. The tablet is a critical and significant portion of this cost. The school has solicited competitive bids in an effort to minimize the financial requirements of the program. The prices that the school has obtained cannot be found in any retail sale arrangement. The entire package of hardware, software,  warranties, accidental damage insurance, onsite support, spares, etc. cost much more than any individual purchase of a computer. The school enjoys the benefit of educational discounts in hardware and software, as well as bulk purchasing discounts.
  • Kingsway College purchases the tablets on a volume basis that includes warranties, software, etc. at a discount level that is greater than what you would receive as an individual. Each tablet also will have additional software loaded that will be needed for each class. These instructional tools will be school owned and purchased at a school level discount. Educational software has three different price levels: retail, single educational price, and school license price. Many of our software programs are purchased at significant discounts because we purchase a school license. If students owned the tablets, we would have to purchase software at a much higher price, making the overall cost of the One to One program significantly higher.

Will I keep the same tablet each year?

  • Yes. It is our plan for each student to use the same tablet during the 3 year rotation.  However, Kingsway College reserves the right to issue a different tablet to a student when it deems that it is necessary and appropriate.

I am concerned about the small screen.

  • The tablet screen size of 10.8” has been proven practical in educational and business environments. A bigger screen will add weight and size to the device, as well as consume more power. Portability and a small footprint are very important in a classroom application. At home, if necessary, you can always attach a bigger external monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

How are the students going to save and backup their work?

  • The students will be able to save their personal school related files on a network folder supplied by the school. They will also be able to save to the tablets hard drive. However, we strongly encourage each student use an external USB drive to backup their information.

What about printing?

  • Although we try and discourage printing for environmental reasons, students will be able to print on their home printer as long as their printer driver software is included with the default Windows 8.1 printer drivers. Students will not be able to install any drivers that are not part of their Windows 8.1 installation. At school, students will be able to print via print stations around campus.

Are the tablets going to be labeled?

  • Yes. The tablets will have external labeling with the student’s name and an asset tag number, as well as internal labeling for identification on the school’s network. In addition, all power cords will be labeled.
  • Since the students will keep the same tablet, we will also permit personalization of their tablets within appropriate boundaries. Nothing should be placed on the tablet that is permanent.


Are the teachers ready for this program?

  • Yes. Our faculty have been preparing for this program for the past year. They received their tablets before the end of the 2013-2014 school year. There will be significant training during the spring and summer, as well as continuing education.

How much classroom usage do you anticipate in the first year?

  • Our modest starting goal is to use the tablets for 50% of the instructional period and constantly expand. As with any new adoption of technology, we anticipate that there will be some challenges in the initial use of this technology. However, we have spent 2 years reviewing the best practices for the implementation and use of this technology and have attempted to eliminate or minimize known challenges.

How are the students going to be trained in the use of the tablets and associated software?

  • Kingsway College will offer a “Tablet Boot Camp” to our students the first week of school. Dell will also be here to do an Out of Box experience with the students. We expect that our students will have minimum training needs because they adapt very easily to this technology.

What kind of security is the school providing?

  • Kingsway College provides extensive security at the network and local computer level. In order for a device to connect to our wireless or wired network, it will need to be authorized by Kingsway College’s IT Department. In order for a user to log into our domain, the user will need to have a domain user account. All internet access is filtered by content filtering that checks for inappropriate content. All tablets will have Trend Micro antivirus software that will be automatically updated upon login into our network. In the classroom, SMARTSync provides the teacher with monitoring capabilities of the students’ screens and computing actions, as well as granular control as to what the students can access or not.

Does this security extend to the student’s home usage?

  • No. The student’s family is responsible for the student’s computing actions at home.

How do I know that my student will not just play games or chat on the computer during class?

  • Besides the internet/network monitoring programs, teachers will have the ability to monitor and control student use of the tablets with a program called SMARTSync. This software allows teachers to monitor students and to have the students share their work with the class. In addition, the teacher can allow only certain applications to run on the student’s tablets during any given class period.

What is covered by the Accidental Warranty?

  • Dell’s accidental warranty covers all repairs and replacement for tablets damaged by accidents. It is a cost-effective service solution that helps reduce downtime and saves significant money in repairs. However, any damage deemed to be intentional is not covered and the family will have to pay to replace the machine so the student will need to handle their tablet with the same care as any computer.

What about theft of, or simply losing, the tablet?

  • Each tablet will be covered by CompuTrace Complete theft protection for the 3 year period. If your tablet is stolen, Absolute Software will work with local law enforcement agencies to track the location of the computer, issue subpoenas and warrants as needed, and return the stolen computer to Kingsway College within 60 days.
  • If your student loses the tablet, your family will need to replace it.

What about battery issues and power?

  • Each tablet comes with a battery that will normally provide hours of operation. Students are responsible for bringing their tablets to school every morning fully charged along with the power cord. The school will have areas where the students can charge their tablets, when necessary.

When is the school expecting delivery of the tablets?

  • We anticipate that the tablets will be delivered to Kingsway College around the middle of July.

When are the tablets going to be distributed to the students?

  • We will be distributing tablets during the first week of school.

Does the school have adequate technical support for such a program?

  • Kingsway College currently employs a highly competent IT director with experience managing and maintaining systems. The school is committed to providing any additional technical support necessary in order to make this project a success for the benefit of our students.

Can the school provide adequate infrastructure to support this program?

  • Kingsway College has been upgrading its infrastructure with this project in mind during this past year. We are committed to providing any additional upgrade, if necessary.

What is SMARTSync?

  • SMARTSync is software that allows teachers to maintain control of the digital classroom and fosters responsible computer use. Features include thumbnail views of student screens, application blocking, URL filtering, remote control of student computers, central-server design that allows monitoring of hundreds of computers.

Are the students responsible for backing up their personal data?

  • Yes. Kingsway College cannot guarantee any data that students save on their local drives. In addition, any time the tablet is brought to the IT Department for repair; all data might be deleted if we need to reinstall the entire computer’s image. Students should backup daily on some type of external media, such as USB drives and verify their backups. Students will be instructed on how to backup their files on external media.

What Operating System will be on the tablets?

  • At this time, Microsoft Windows 8.1 with the most up to date service packs.

Who will be applying various software patches and upgrades to the tablets?

  • Kingsway College’s IT Department will apply automatic periodic software patches and upgrades to all tablets while connected to the school’s network.

How can I get help connecting my tablet to my home wireless network?

  • Kingsway College’s IT personnel involvement with helping families to connect their student’s tablet to their home network is limited. Since we do not know the configuration, security settings, router settings, and other particulars of a student’s home network, we cannot help. If a tablet connects to the school’s wireless network, but not at home, then the problem is related to the home’s network setup and is beyond our control. In this case, your best source of support is your Internet Service Provider.