International Applicants



Korea Application Processing Centre

Contact: Paul Yoo, Coordinator
Phone : 647-891-7704
Kakao ID: yoo11111


All fees are payable to Kingsway College. The Korean Application Processing Centre does not charge additional fees for processing applications.


The Korean Application Processing Centre does not make admission decisions.


China Application Processing Centre

Contact: Larry Guo, Program Representative
Phone: 416-841-0688
Fax: 905-257-9725


All fees are payable to Kingsway College. The China Application Processing Centre does not charge additional fees for processing applications.


The China Application Processing Centre does not make admission decisions.


Instructions and forms found below:

Phone: 905-433-1144 ext 211


Other International Applicants

Please make sure all questions are completed. Please review all forms before submitting them to Any incomplete forms will be returned to you.
We must have ALL forms completed and ALL supplementary documents before processing your child’s application.

Application forms and supplementary documents can be dropped off at the Enrolment Office or submitted to

Please carefully review all the instructions below before downloading the forms. A complete application download is available at the bottom of the page.

Part I: Supplementary Files

Along with the application forms we require the following :

  • Copy of Student Passport

  • Complete Immunization Records - translated to English

  • Transcript (if currently in grade 9-11); Report Cards (if currently in grade 8); Individual Education Plan (IEP) if necessary - translated to English

Required documents before attending classes - bring files to Enrolment Department for photocopying:

  • Study Permit

  • Student VISA

  • Date of Entry Stamp (found in Passport)

Part II: Application Forms

Form 1:

Application for Admission


  • Emergency contacts MUST be someone other than a parent. All emergency contacts will be called to confirm their role as emergency contact.

  • Student Status must be indicated (page 3) and supplementary documents must be provided (i.e. if student is Citizen must provide Passport and Citizenship Card - all required documents listed next to status)

  • The Consents and Commitments page stipulates that you have read the Student Handbook. The following link will send you to the Student Handbook pdf. Please make sure you have read and understood the contents.

  • We have been issuing G-Suite accounts to students and parents in order for us to make sure that we have some way of contacting families.

Form 2:

Statement of Intent

This form must be completed and signed by the student. Additional paper can be used if necessary.

Form 3:

Student Health Services


  • Students must have a valid Health Card with them at all times while attending Kingsway College. Otherwise a fee of $50 will be incurred for every doctor’s visit.

    • If you are unsure of leaving important documents with your child while they live in student residence,you can leave these documents with the deans, they have a safe to store the documents in.

  • The emergency contact listed here must be the same emergency contact listed on Form 1. As previously stated they CANNOT be the parent. We will be making calls to emergency contacts to confirm their role.

  • Please make sure to fill the “Brief Health History” to the best of your abilities. If the question does not apply to you please fill the space with “none” or “n/a”

  • There are Important Notes on the last page of the forms. Please make sure you read everything thoroughly as it pertains to the student’s doctor visits, medical fees, prescriptions, nurse’s contact etc.

Form 4:

School Official Report


  • There are instructions on the first page for the applicant and the recommender.

  • This form MUST be filled out by the principal or vice-principal of the student’s current school. The form must be returned by the school to Kingsway College (instructions on form) with a Credit Counselling Summary or Transcript.

Form 5:

Custodian Declaration (Parents)

Form must be completed by PARENT and notarized by official Notary.

Form 6:

Form must be completed by CUSTODIAN and notarized by official Notary.

Custodian Declaration (Custodian)

Form 7:

Consent for Potassium Iodide

In the event of an accident at the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station emergency procedures are in place for students to be administered potassium iodide pills. This form is to indicate consent (or non-consent) if such an event were to occur.

This form comes from the Durham Region Health Department. Make sure you read both sides of the form.

Immunization Information Request (Green Form)

Dorm Lifestyle Survey

This form is form Dorm Students ONLY. It is to help the deans in pairing students. This file is not included in the complete application download. It is your responsibility to download and complete the file.

PLEASE NOTE: This does NOT mean that this survey asks for your preference but does not guarantee your roommate will fulfill all the characteristics you have noted on the survey.

Please make sure you have read everything above before downloading the complete application form.