Alumni President's Message

On behalf of our Alma mater, Kingsway College, let me take this opportunity to welcome you back to our campus.  Class reunions are always great times as friends come together to reminisce and become reacquainted with old friends you have lost touch with over the ensuing years since your Kingsway days.  We hope you will have a great experience this weekend as you take in all of the activities and programs, because I know your Alumni Association has worked hard in preparing this weekend’s events with you in mind.  Please enjoy yourself as you travel down memory lane, and continue to create lasting memories of Kingsway College.

This is in fact my own 10-year reunion, and as much as it seems like a long time for me, it may be some 25, 30, 40, even 60 years, since you have seen your own classmates. I hope and pray that you are just as enthused as I am to see those with whom you may have lived with, or simply shared special memories with during your time here. As well as teachers, sponsors, coaches, directors, or simply support systems from those days.

Here at Kingsway we are ever so excited to see you back here, hopefully throughout the weekend you can visit the newly renovated girls dorm lobby, the Gymnasium and go ahead and have one last look at the boy’s dorm lobby as we are excited and anxious for the upcoming changes this summer. If you have had a moment to look at the anticipated renovations, make sure you do so, it is something you won’t want to miss.

I am so grateful to be a part of this experience, I hope this will be a weekend of smiles, laughter, pictures and reconnecting..

God bless!

Chante Alleyne
Class of 2008