North American Applicants

These applicants currently reside or are citizens of Canada. Please follow the step by step details of the application process. Note that we must receive all completed applications before we can process your application. You will receive an email once we have all necessary documents for the student's application. 


Step 1: Download and complete Application Forms and required documents

Please make sure to write legibly as we use this information for your records and to contact you. 

Complete list of required forms:

Complete list of Required Documents:

  • Transcript (if currently in grade 9-11); Report Cards (if currently in grade 8); Individual Education Plan (IEP) if necessary
  • Immunization Record (if no immunization you must send us a letter from your family doctor)
  • Health Card (as applicable)
  • Birth Certificate
  • SIN Card (as applicable)
  • Passport
  • Citizenship Card or Permanent Residence Card (as applicable)

Step 2: Administrative Committee will assess your application

After receiving ALL the documents we will then bring your application into the Administrative Committee. They will look to see if there is anything that would be a cause for concern and may interview you about what they find. 


Step 3: Receive Acceptance Letter

Congratulations! If you have been accepted you will receive a digital copy of the letter in your email as well as a physical letter through the mail. If you have not been accepted we will inform you via mail or email.

Move on to Step 4. 


Step 4: Follow Link Below to Continue to Step B the on Registration Process