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Preview Weekend

Still deciding on where to go in September for high school? Come and see what Kingsway College has to offer you for your high school experience! 

We will have performances by all of our touring groups: 

Aerials (gymnastics), Concert Band and Symphonic Choir. 

Prospective students must currently be in grades 8-11 and accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.

Advance Reservations required, register online at :


The Kingsway Spiritual Experience

Seventh-day Adventists accept the Bible as their only creed and hold certain fundamental beliefs to be the teaching of the Holy Scriptures.


We believe:  

  • The Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are fully inspired by God and are the one final authority for faith and practice.
  • There is one God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, a unity of three co-eternal Persons.
  • Man and woman were made in the image of God with individuality, the power and freedom to think and to do.
  • After the six days of Creation, God rested on the seventh day and established the Sabbath for all people as a memorial of Creation.
  • All humanity is now involved in a great controversy between Christ and Satan regarding the character of God, His law, and His sovereignty over the universe.
  • In Christ's life of perfect obedience to God's will, His suffering, death, and resurrection, God provided the only means of atonement for human sin, so that those who by faith accept this atonement may have eternal life. 
  • By His death on the cross Jesus triumphed over the forces of evil.   
  • We are called to be godly people who think, feel, and act in in harmony with the principles of heaven.
  • The second coming of Christ is the blessed hope of the church, the grand climax of the gospel.


Worship Experience

There are many opportunities for students to develop their personal relationship with God throughout the week by reading of the Bible, meditation, and prayer.  As a school family weattend a spiritual assembly on Wednesday mornings in our chapel.  KC students take turns coordinating and participating in the event through worship in music, prayer, and various dramatic presentations.

We begin our Sabbath at sundown on Friday evening with vespers, followed by Sabbath School on Saturday morning, mostly planned and led by student leaders and/or other small groups.  Then, we join our church family at the College Park SDA Church just a short walk down the street.  Many of our students participate in these corporate worship experiences, as well, either individually or through participation of the Band, Choir, or Praise Teams.

Members of the Kingsway staff, along with College Park Church families, also participate in the “Friend in touch” program, where families pray for, encourage with little notes, and anonymously send small care packages to their “adopted” kids to let them know they have a second family who cares about them. 

Small Group Ministries

Students are able to join or create small groups at the beginning of the year and are involved with worship services on campus and in the local community. Some are in Praise Teams, others are part of Touring Groups that travel to churches throughout Ontario and provide church service programming (sermons, children’s stories, scripture and prayer, etc.).

Outreach Experience

Community Outreach Days

In keeping with our school motto, "Service Not Fame", Kingsway offers numerous experiences to demonstrate Christianity and service in our community. Each semester the entire school spends the day in community outreach activities which may range from city beautification projects, volunteering at service agencies (MADD, Habitat for Humanity, the local Food Bank, and Community Service Centers ), to serving senior citizens’ needs with yard clean-up and household projects.

Mission Trips

Kingsway students have the opportunity to participate in many service projects, including mission trips outside Canada. We recently traveled to Tesopaco, Mexico on two building projects (2007 and 2009). Students are able to “practice what we preach” during these intense trips which usually include much more than constructing buildings. We offered Vacation Bible School experiences for the local children while there, and also conducted evangelistic meetings in the evenings, as well as the church service on Sabbath. It is a life-changing experience for all who are involved!

Week of Prayer

Twice a year one entire week of school is dedicated to conducting a Week of Prayer.  During the fall semester we usually have a guest speaker who spends all week on campus ministering to students and sharing a particular theme or topic.  Then, during spring semester, our own grade 12 students plan and conduct the week’s sermons, using ideas and topics conceived during their religion classes, then developed and nurtured with help from their teacher, our campus chaplain.  

Bible Studies

Through our Camus Ministries Department, our campus chaplain also conducts Bible study classes for students interested in learning more about God.  It is no accident that our goal at Kingsway is to be “closer together, closer to God.”



Dorm Experience

There are two dorm residences on the Kingsway College campus. RYAN HALL has been home to hundreds of young men for over 40 years and it is still changing lives today. 

Head Men's Dean: Jared Browne
Assistant Men's Dean: John Alleyne

BUENA VISTA HALL is the ladies residence which is a hub of activity for many of our students. Below the dorm is our school chapel and attached to the dorm is our school cafeteria. 

Head Ladies' Dean: Minnie Edison
Assistant Ladies' Dean: Minya Milicic

Dorm Student Schedule - Weekdays  

7:00 AM - Breakfast

8:AM - 1st Period

9:20AM - 2nd Period

10:40 AM - 3rd Period

11:55 - Lunch

12:40 - 4th Period - Touring Group (ABC), ESL, Religion (Monday Tuesday, Thursday & Friday) / Chapel/Assembly (Wednesday)

1:40 - 5th Period

3:00PM-4:00PM - Extra Help from Teachers (M/T/Th)

3:00PM - Aerials, Band, Choir, ESL, Religion (Wednesdays)

3:30PM - Student Work Period begins (M/T/Th)

5PM - Supper

5:30PM - Drama/Varsity (T/Th)
              - Intramurals (M/W)

6PM - Required Study Hall (M-Th)

7:30PM - Worship

8-9:30PM - Study

10:00PM - Room Check

10:30PM - Lights out

Dorm Student Schedule - Weekends


7:30 P.M. - Chapel



7:45 A.M. - Breakfast

9:30 A.M. - Chapel

After Chapel - Lunch

5:00 P.M. - Supper

8:00 P.M. - Chapel

8:45 P.M. - Social Activity Night



10:00 A.M. - Brunch / Free Time

4:00 P.M. - Supper


Clubs and Organizations

There are tons of opportunities to get involved at Kingsway! Whether you enjoy going for a hike, writing, singing, doing cartwheels, or even taking photos, you need to make the most of your experience at KC!

Campus Ministries

Spiritual life at KC is based on the principle of bringing students closer together and to God. We provide guidance and opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. Campus Ministries is the core spiritual leadership team at Kingsway. They host many events such as Week of Prayer, Vespers, Sabbath School and Church Service, as well as Bible Studies, Power Weekends, and chapel. 

Cedar Sentinel

Like to write? Cedar Sentinel is the official publication written and compiled by our KC students. The club issues up to 10 issues per school year, with authors ranging from students, faculty, and staff. 

Cedar Trails

Do you enjoy taking pictures? Cedar Trails is the official yearbook designed and created by our students. Throughout the school year, tons of photos are taken at all our events, tours, and gatherings then compiled into a wonderful keepsake of the year. 

Nil Sine Numine (NSN)

This is the Girl's Club, comprised of mainly girls living in residence. They have their own executive leaders, and host several events such as Saturday night NSN get togethers, movie nights, and more. 

Outdoor Club

If you love spending time outdoors and getting messy, the Outdoor Club is the place to be! Every year the club participate in activities like backpacking, winter camping, and canoeing. The cost is $30 per trip that you go on and there are 3-4 trips per year. 

Praise Team

Praising God in music is the drive of this group. Whether it be Week of Prayer, Vespers, or Power Weekend, the Praise Team is active and participating.


Stand up and be the voice of the student body. The Senate is the club that speaks for the students; if students believe that something needs to be done that will benefit the school as a whole, this is the group to talk to.  

Ski and Board Club

Winter can sometimes be a drag, but the Ski and Board Club keeps students on their feet! The club goes out to Lakeridge Ski Resort in Uxbridge, ON several times throughout the winter months of the school year. Lessons are available for first-timers, so have no fear! 

Student Association

This is the student-led core leadership team of the school. Ministers are elected for the new school year in May of the previous school year. They are responsible for many big events at KC such as Mega Marathon, Celebration of Artistic Expression (Talent Show), SA Christmas Party, Class Challenge, Golden Unicorn, and much more! If you've got a knack for leadership or are interested in strengthening your ability to work effeectively as part of a team, then this may be the club for you! 

Vox Viri Association (VVA)

This is the Boy's Club, comprised of mainly boys living in residence. They have their own executive leaders, and host several events such as Saturday night VVA dinners, movie nights, and more.


Touring Groups (ABC)

To book one of our touring groups please contact Chante Alleyne in our Public Relations Office at 905-431-1715, 905-433-1144 ext 210, or email

There are three student touring groups at Kingsway College - Aerials, Band, and Choir (ABC). Members of each group are selected after an audition process. What an awesome way to participate in a group, develop your God-given talents, and have fun, all at the same time!

Aerials Gymnastic Team

If you like gymnastics, you’ll love the Aerials!  While no academic credit is given, students still love the challenge of learning skills and working with their team.  The Aerials also travel extensively throughout Ontario and beyond, and they usually conduct Sabbath services in a church prior to a performance on Saturday nights.  Once a year they also present their “Homeshow” for the school family and a large local crowd.


The Kingsway College Symphonic Band regularly takes top honours in the Durham Region Kiwanis competition, held on the KC campus.  In addition to performing on campus for school events and a few times a year for church services, the Band also tours an average of two weekends per month during second semester, traveling mainly to SDA churches in Ontario, as well as a couple longer trips outside the province and/or Canada during school breaks.  Two concerts at “home” round out the year’s activities.  (Academic credit given.)


The Kingsway Symphonic Choir enjoys a busy touring schedule throughout the year, and sings approximately once per month at College Park Church, Kingsway's “home” church.  During second semester, the choir also tours an average of two weekends per month to churches in Ontario, with one larger tour outside Ontario, usually during March Break.  (Academic credit given.)


Apply to Kingsway College

All submissions and inquiries related to the application process must be directed to:


Kingsway College
1200 Leland Road
Oshawa, ON
L1K 2H4 Canada

Telephone: (905) 433-1144 ext. 211 or 212
Fax: (905) 433-1156



General Info

Application Process


Visit Kingsway College for a campus tour

Complete and submit the following:

School Report/Documents

Please note: Credit Summary is also accepted only if term has not finished at your current school when you apply.

Health Services

Complete and submit:



Meet with Student Finance to do a budget: Contact Jeremy O'Dell - 905-433-1144 ext. 214 or for an appointment. (Preview Weekend students sign up on a first-come-first-serve basis)
If requested by Kingsway College, attend an in-person/telephone/Skype interview with Admissions Committee.

Fee Worksheet - Canadian/International SDA Affiliated (pdf)


North American Students

Photocopies of the following documents:

If born in Canada - 

  • Canadian Health Card
  • Birth Certificate

If Canadian Citizen -

  • Passport
  • Citizenship Card


International Students

Kingsway College requires that all students whose parents live outside of North America have a custodian who lives within a short distance of the school.

As such, the custodian and parents must complete Custodian Declaration Forms. Please note, all correspondence must be in English.

Photocopies of the following:

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Study Permit


Course Registration

  1. Review the 2017/2018 Course Selection
  2. Book an appointment to register for courses.

North American students going into grade 9 or 10:
Sue Romito

North American students going into grade 11 or 12 and International Students:
Lee Richards


All submissions and inquiries related to the application process must be directed to:
Kingsway College
1200 Leland Road
Oshawa, ON
L1K 2H4 Canada
Telephone: (905) 433-1144 ext. 210
Fax: (905) 433-1156


Application Forms

Complete and submit the following:

    International Applicants

    For more information, please contact the following:


    Korea Application Processing Centre

    Contact: Paul Yoo, Coordinator
    Phone : 647-891-7704
    Kakao ID: yoo11111


    All fees are payable to Kingsway College. The Korean Application Processing Centre does not charge additional fees for processing applications.


    The Korean Application Processing Centre does not make admission decisions.


    China Application Processing Centre

    Contact: Larry Guo, Program Representative
    Phone: 416-841-0688
    Fax: 905-257-9725


    All fees are payable to Kingsway College. The China Application Processing Centre does not charge additional fees for processing applications.


    The China Application Processing Centre does not make admission decisions.


    Phone: 905-433-1144 ext 211


    Fees & Payments


    Option 1 - Full Payment:

    Full payment by cash or cheque is made on or before registration day.  The student will receive a 3% discount on the total amount they are required to pay for the school year.

    Option 2 - Ten Monthly Payments:

    A down payment, as stated on the fees worksheet, is made on or before registration day.  The remainder of the total amount required to pay for the school year is divided into 10 or 12 monthly payments.  Payments may be made by cash, cheque, credit card, or pre-authorized bank payments. 


    Kingsway College requires that all international students pay the total school fee before an acceptance letter for a student visa may be issued.  The full payment must be received by July 15 if attending the whole school year and December 31 if attending only the second semester.  These deadlines will allow time to send the official acceptance letter which must be taken to the Canadian Immigration Office in the country of residence to obtain a student visa. If a student is unsuccessful in obtaining a visa, then the entire payment for the school fee minus the general fee will be refunded.

    If you have any questions/inquiries, please contact us at

    Financial Assistance


    Here are the descriptions for each potential financial assistance:


    Work is available to students who are Canadian citizens or lawful permanent residents of Canada with a Social Insurance Number. Students can work in several areas on campus: cafeteria, residence hall, offices, and maintenance. The funds earned in the work program go directly to the student's bill. 


    A program whereby funding is provided in equal 1/3 portions each from the student’s local church, the student's local church conference, and Kingsway College.


    A 3% discount on the total amount due for the entire school year when full payment made by cash or cheque is received on or before registration day.


    A discount given to families with more than one child currently enroled at Kingsway College.


    A scholarship that is awarded based solely on financial need (proof may be requested).  This fund is awarded on a first come, first served basis so apply early to avail of it. 


    Scholarships that are available to students who have been enroled at Kingsway College for at least one semester.  These scholarships are awarded based on various criteria - academic, leadership, citizenship, etc.  These scholarships are funded through the generous support of alumni and friends of Kingsway College who believe strongly in Christian education.  An Awards Assembly is held at the end of each school year to recognize scholarship recipients and to acknowledge many of the donors who personally present the awards.

    *Please note that there is no financial assistance available for international, non-affiliate students.


    • Service Not Fame Award 
    • College Woodwork Awards 
    • Staff Achievement Scholarship 
    • Model Student Award 
    • Aerials Award 
    • KC Band Director's Award 
    • John Philip Sousa Band Award 
    • KC Choir Director's Award 
    • Gail Mohns Symphonic Choir Award 
    • Drama Director's Award 
    • Best Actor Award 
    • Best Supporting Actor 
    • Rotary Club Awards 
    • Perfect Attendance for the Year 
    • Academic Awards 
    • Class od 1988, Grade 12 Scholarship 
    • George Booth Manley 
    • Keven Wayne Johnson 
    • Kathleen & George Madden 
    • Christopfer Jones 
    • George Piper Jr. 
    • Ara and Marianti Kahraman 
    • Percy Menuel Scholarship 
    • Gail Mohns Memorial 
    • Dowden Family 


    • Connelly Family 
    • The TBG (Paul Yoo) 
    • Edna & George Tait Scholarship 
    • Marilyn Frood Memorial 
    • Evelyn Burkitt Miller 
    • Vera and Harold Lofthouse 
    • Class of 1966 Predident's Scholastic (Eleonor) 
    • Stair Factory 
    • Verna Ritchey 
    • Terezia Igracki Business Ediucation Scholarship 
    • Benjamin-Edith Juriansz 
    • John and Ottillie Unger 
    • Earl Wood Memorial 
    • Margaret Murdoch Reeves 
    • Tan Family 
    • Samuel and Violet Blackwell 
    • Moore Munroe Scholarship 
    • Leroy Albert Miller 
    • Dr. Beth (Foster) Wilkins 
    • Burman University
    • Union College
    • Andrews University
    • Southwestern Adventist University
    • Lt. Gov. Community Colunteer Award
    • Yvonne Weststrate Grizzall Memorial Award - Class of 1974
    • Science Department Scholarship
    • North American Division Caring Heart Award