Transportation Request Information

Effective September 5, 2018



  1. Are you a Dorm Student?

  2. Are you leaving during a Home Leave Weekend?

  3. Do you need a ride to the Airport or the Oshawa Go Station?

  4. Is this request being made at least a week prior to the departure/Home Leave Weekend?

If you answered YES to all of the above then proceed to Step 1. 
If you answered NO to any of the above then there will be a $25.00 charge for a ride to the GO Station and a $50.00 charge for a ride to the airport.


Request Deadlines

All requests for the specific home leave weekends MUST be made within deadline dates. 


First Semester

Thanksgiving Break October 6-8

Form Opens September 4, Closes September 28


Home Leave November 9-11

Form Opens October 9, Closes November 2


Christmas Break December 21 - January 6

Form Opens November 12, Closes December 7


Semester Break January 25 - Feb 3

Form Opens Jan 7, Closes Jan 18


Second Semester

Home Leave Feb 15 - 17

Form Opens Feb 4, Closes Feb 8


Spring Break March 10-17

Form opens February 18, Closes March 3


Easter Break April 19-21

Form Opens March 18, Closes April 12


Home Leave May 18-20

Form Opens April 22, Closes May 10


Summer Vacation - After Final Exams

Form opens May 21, Closes June 10


How Do I Make a Transportation Request?

Step 1: Fill in Request Form (At least a week prior to departure)

Click here for the Request Form. This must be done between the request deadline dates (see below)


Step 2: Fill in an Excused Absence Form (EAF) from the Records' Office

According to the time you will be leaving campus you may need to fill out an Excused Absence Form (EAF). This form MUST be filled out if you will be:

  1. Missing classes before the Home Leave Weekend starts (i.e. leaving on a Thursday, or before classes end on Friday)

  2. Missing classes after the Home Leave Weekend ends (i.e. arriving the morning of when classes start or later than that)

 An EAF must be completed in order for you to receive a confirmation for your transportation request. 


Step 3: Receive Confirmation of Pick Up via Kingsway Email

The Records Office will confirm with us if they have received an EAF from you/ need an EAF from you. After which the Enrolment Office will send you a confirmation email on your Kingsway Gmail account. 


Step 4: Be ready for your pick up time!



Click Here For Transportation Request Form. **

**Please make sure you read the "How do I Make a Transportation Request?" Step-By-Step info before you fill out the Form.