How to Apply


Step A:

Complete and submit all required forms


Step B:

Speak with Business Office about a Budget

A budget must be completed as soon as possible. This is done by speaking with someone at the Business Office. They will help you with any financial documents you may have to complete, and with any other financial needs you may have. Click below to email them directly or call the number below:

Marilyn Lisk:
(905) 433-1144 ext. 213

Domenick Jacinto
(905) 433-1144 ext 215


Step C:

Choose your courses

To choose classes an appointment must be made with the VP of Academics, Denean Sabot, or with the President, Lee Richards.

You cannot book an appointment to choose courses if you have not completed Steps A & B.

We highly suggest that before you come in to choose your classes that you have a look at the Course Schedule. This way you can have a tentative idea of what classes you may want to take. The link below will take you to the course selection page for more information on course selection:

The following links show the course selection for each grade. We suggest that you look at each grade’s available courses to plan present and future class choices:

Denean Sabot,
VP of Academics

Lee Richards, President