Current Students

We offer a quality, well-rounded curriculum at Kingsway, leading to the Ontario Secondary School diploma (OSSD). This diploma is required for any student entering a university in the province of Ontario. 

Currently 98% of our graduates pursue higher education or some additional training beyond high school and our alumni have circled the globe in their careers for private industry, government employment, or in service to the SDA world church. Many others live in the local community and own their own businesses.

Seventh-day Adventists believe strongly in education, and operate about 7,000 parochial schools around the world, from the elementary to university level. Every so often we measure ourselves to make sure we are delivering the quality education parents and students deserve. We are currently participating in a three-year study (2006-09), called CognitiveGenesis, to determine the achievement levels of students in Adventist schools compared to national norms in the U.S. and Canada. According to a report issued in December 2008, students in Adventist schools are testing above their grade level and their potential on standardized tests!

So while we offer a program to educate the whole person, as described on this site, we are successful at reaching our objectives without sacrificing academic quality. Detailed information on our academic offerings is available in the academic section of this site.