A Short History of Kingsway College

Kingsway College’s history began in the fall of 1903 in Lorne Park, a beautiful fruit farming area fifteen miles west of Toronto.  By 1911, larger buildings and more equipment were necessary to meet the needs of the growing student body, and after some deliberation, the present site in Oshawa was chosen.  The school, renamed Buena Vista Academy because of the beautiful view of Oshawa and Lake Ontario, opened in the fall of 1912.  That year the school was conducted in temporary quarters because the new site had only one stone house and two barns.

Growth of the school was rapid.  In 1914, it became a Union Conference school, and in 1916 it gained Junior College status offering fourteen grades of education, and also received the new name of Eastern Canadian Missionary Seminary.  In 1920, the school was incorporated under the name Oshawa Missionary College.

Some of the most notable highlights by decade include:


  • The school continued to operate during the Depression because of the college industries, though enrolment dropped and some programs were discontinued
  • A major improvement program was completed in 1933 


  • Enrolment dropped during the Second World War, but rebounded following the war


  • Enrolment and industries were again expanding
  • A registered nursing course was established


  • The school name was changed to Kingsway College (1963)


  • College section of the school was phased out and Ontario Grade 13 was added


  • Grade 13 phased out by the Province of Ontario
  • The new Ontario Academic Credit (OAC) program implemented
  • A new administration building was completed (1988)
  • The A. E. King Memorial Physical Fitness Complex was opened (December 1989)


  • New provincial curriculum; secondary school