Clubs and Organizations

There are tons of opportunities to get involved at Kingsway! Whether you enjoy going for a hike, writing, singing, doing cartwheels, or even taking photos, you need to make the most of your experience at KC!

Campus Ministries

Spiritual life at KC is based on the principle of bringing students closer together and to God. We provide guidance and opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. Campus Ministries is the core spiritual leadership team at Kingsway. They host many events such as Week of Prayer, Vespers, Sabbath School and Church Service, as well as Bible Studies, Power Weekends, and chapel. 

Cedar Sentinel

Like to write? Cedar Sentinel is the official publication written and compiled by our KC students. The club issues up to 10 issues per school year, with authors ranging from students, faculty, and staff. 

Cedar Trails

Do you enjoy taking pictures? Cedar Trails is the official yearbook designed and created by our students. Throughout the school year, tons of photos are taken at all our events, tours, and gatherings then compiled into a wonderful keepsake of the year. 

Nil Sine Numine (NSN)

This is the Girl's Club, comprised of mainly girls living in residence. They have their own executive leaders, and host several events such as Saturday night NSN get togethers, movie nights, and more. 

Outdoor Club

If you love spending time outdoors and getting messy, the Outdoor Club is the place to be! Every year the club participate in activities like backpacking, winter camping, and canoeing. The cost is $30 per trip that you go on and there are 3-4 trips per year. 

Praise Team

Praising God in music is the drive of this group. Whether it be Week of Prayer, Vespers, or Power Weekend, the Praise Team is active and participating.


Stand up and be the voice of the student body. The Senate is the club that speaks for the students; if students believe that something needs to be done that will benefit the school as a whole, this is the group to talk to.  

Ski and Board Club

Winter can sometimes be a drag, but the Ski and Board Club keeps students on their feet! The club goes out to Lakeridge Ski Resort in Uxbridge, ON several times throughout the winter months of the school year. Lessons are available for first-timers, so have no fear! 

Student Association

This is the student-led core leadership team of the school. Ministers are elected for the new school year in May of the previous school year. They are responsible for many big events at KC such as Mega Marathon, Celebration of Artistic Expression (Talent Show), SA Christmas Party, Class Challenge, Golden Unicorn, and much more! If you've got a knack for leadership or are interested in strengthening your ability to work effeectively as part of a team, then this may be the club for you! 

Vox Viri Association (VVA)

This is the Boy's Club, comprised of mainly boys living in residence. They have their own executive leaders, and host several events such as Saturday night VVA dinners, movie nights, and more.